Ramblings: I love Cece


If you read my info, you might have read that this whole blogging thing started because of her. You see she’s my best friend, my cousin, my twin. She’s basically a French version of me. I tell her EVERYTHING. She’s like my human diary. She doesn’t judge me, and she pretty much gives me a place to get all my thoughts out. I love her.


We met before internet and emails. She was visiting America and our grandmother( great aunt really) was like, oh hey you guys are the same age, hang out this summer. And it was instant besties. We wrote letters every week. Sending each other drawings, and pictures and just writing about boys and whatever was cool at the time. Then emails happened. She continued to visit every few years, sometimes consecutively. Our friendship just bloomed even more.


When my mom was sick, she even came by FOR ONE day, just to be able to spend time with her, and that meant so much to me and my mom, she will never understand how much that touched us.


The last time I hung out with her was 2012. So long ago, but that was one of my best summers. She probably won’t be back here until 2015 (for my wedding). I love reminiscing about all the summers we spent together. I can’t believe we are still close after all these years. All my friends here know about her, and probably have met her at some point, and I love it! I guess I am just missing her super duper a lot, which is why I’m putting her out there on the internet. She will probably hate this, because she has a love/hate relationship with social media.


Tu me manques ma cousine jumelle!


Cool Stuff: Erasable Gel Inks

I know what you are thinking. “Miemo, you are late, these have been around forever.” Okay yes you are right, but check it. The only erasable pens I knew of was from back when I was in like 1st grade. And the ink was all light and kinda sucky. I just went back to pens or pencils.

I got these, another set of gel inks and MARKERS that were all erasable from a friend, who got it in Japan. I love these. They are so vivid in color, and erase SO well. The only time I work in pencil is when I am drawing, so having erasable pens makes life so much easier. And they come in great colors. I thought I would be out of luck when these ran out, but luckily my favorite pen supplier, JetPens.com has them!

*Disclaimer: I did not get paid by any of the businesses mentioned in this post. I just really love this product and wanted to share!

Tuesday 10: Things to Do

I’m not lazy. I just have a lot to do. But like Nicki said, continue to push! For this week’s 10 things, here are 10 things I’m working on. This does not include my “9-5″.

3 Websites to Design/Update/ Manage (Freelance)
2 Blogs to write for
1 Busy little macaron business
1 Cookbook/Memoir that I have been neglecting
1 Test Kitchen for crawfish boils, paleo recipes, new blog recipes
1 Not-wedding/Union Celebration to plan/DIY
1 Closet to clear out. This is serious. I have a whole second bedroom dedicated to clothes.


Mama Miemo’s Macarons


Pretty much, this is my life currently. I made an announcement that I will be selling easter “egg” macarons. You can buy assorted packs of 6 flavors:

Orange Creamsicle, Lemon, Mixed Berry, Raspberry, Pistachio and Vanilla. In pretty spring colors. wTQid7rW6UPAFuFc.jpg









I packaged them up in egg cartons, and it was a good way for people to try some of my flavors. I’ve gotten great feedback and have been busy busy in the kitchen making these.ny0xykikrhYE7S7i.jpg

And look! I have new packaging. Hopefully these are safer to mail! My poor kitchen, and fiance. I haven’t cooked real food in there, in a while. But I love making macarons! I really need to get back to cooking though. I miss it.

But I am also having fun developing new macaron flavors!

Crawfish Pistolettes

Who doesn’t love food, stuffed into another food? In this case, I am talking about rolls, stuffed with Cajun goodness. In it we have the Cajun mirepoix, the holy trinity, celery, onions and green bell pepper. Along with crawfish, and jalapeno velveeta. OOH. I’m hungry.

4BB1JbJB8KZ5FfjQ.jpgSince I am no longer in Louisiana, and it’s not always crawfish season, I have to start off frozen. Interesting that has Louisiana written all over it…but it’s a product of China. Womp! I get these in the frozen seafood section of Wal-Mart.

2op9FqJcjIZfxl2A.jpgStart up with the “holy trinity” of Cajun cooking. I wish you can smell it. I can smell it as I write this.

l05tG7rRITizETrh.jpgAdd cream of mushroom, jalapeno velveeta, hot sauce, and seasonings.

tFWQakLMtWYY12zU.jpgThen the main attraction, and stir until warmed all the way through, and bubbling a little. Remove from heat, and set it aside to cool a little.

IinZXrw5ef40LTw1.jpgHollow out the rolls, but keep the tops matched up, because we are putting these babies back together!

LGT40AXVMcBsi1MY.jpgStuff it.

8NN9zJ88Zvg5boze.jpgPut them back together, and brush melted butter on it. Bake, and ENJOY.

I used this recipe as a basis, but of course I made it my own. Because that’s how I roll. Especially when it comes to rolls. GET IT? HAHA.

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