Surprise! You’re In A New Decade


I really thought nothing too special was going to happen for my 30th birthday. I didn’t plan to have a party. I didn’t have dinner plans with many friends. I thought I was just going to have a spa day, and then maybe a dinner that my husband plans with my girl friends. Quiet and calm.

I was having an internally emotional day Friday. I was going to be 30th, only 19 years younger than my mom when she died. Soon I will age past my mom (ideally). And I guess it was just a morbid thought I had. I was born at 1:44pm. My mom always texted or called me (pre-texting) to tell me happy birthday, not first thing in the morning like my dad and brother did. It was kind of our special thing, because that’s when I was really hers.

Since my mom passed, my husband has always been the one to send that text. He got super busy at work and missed it. I was sad, but I didn’t hold it against him. He came home and wished me happy birthday on California time :D. We had a beautiful dinner at our favorite, romantic restaurant, Bistro Cacao.


Saturday morning, my friend treated me to a chocolate facial at the spa, and then lunch. Then she was super adamant about getting me dolled up at her place…before her husband dropped me off at home. Wut. I’m just going home I don’t need to put on my face or do my hair. But she convinced me, saying we need to continue our day of beauty…right down to her helping me wash my hair at her place (I was looking a little too greasy I guess). Good thing I did. Because when I walked through the door, my husband was laying on the floor like this…


And the house was decorated with a tropical/Hawaiian theme. But everyone was still hidden, and no one yelled surprise at first. So I was just confused. Finally my niece jumps out from under the table and everyone came out of hiding. Husband put a lei on me and tied a grass skirt. I looked harder and saw that there were ninja turtles scattered about as well. A tropical TMNT themed 30th party. They know me so well.


Not only that, but my Ride or Die and her Fiance passed down the Hulk hands, and I too  got to HULK SMASH a cake for my 30th.

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Thank you to everyone that helped, attended, and made it a memorable 30th.

Burger 21


Last Friday, the hubs and I had a double burger date with one my best friends. She is also pregnant too! So I’m looking forward to continuing to have these double dates with our babies! We both wanted burgers, and she lives in Ashburn  so she suggested Burger 21, since I’ve never been there.


The place was pretty cool. It had its own shake bar, and a sauce station. Lots of different sauces, Cajun Mayo, Toasted Marshmallow (what?!), Thai Ketchup, Ranch…etc. Plus plenty of types of burgers to choose from, cow, chicken, seafood, turkey, veggie and hot dogs!


There’s also a selection of ways you can get your fries. I went for half and half. Over all I really liked the taste of the burgers and options of toppings and sides!

Burger 21
43800 Central Station Drive
Ashburn, VA 20147

Tuesday 10: Turning 30


Almost there! Wow, I can’t believe I’m turning 30. Goodbye twenties, hello thirties and you know what. I don’t dread it. I actually don’t have feelings towards it either way. Surprising. This is a big age mile marker, and I’m not even planning a party. Here are some of my random thoughts.

1. I’m a planner, so when I was younger I had a lot of goals, and had a vision of where I would be at in my life at this age. I have to say, a lot better than I’ve laid out for myself. I’m genuinely happy.

2. I never thought I’d make it this far. I don’t know if its because I grew up in the “hood” but I have that die young mentality. Now that I have a baby on the way, I want to see myself live for as long as I can. (Morbid but after losing my mother when she was 49 my view on mortality is a little skewed).

3. I never thought blogging would be my thing. Not sure if I am a good writer, but I love telling stories and sharing food love!

4. I should probably work on this cookbook of my mom’s recipes.

5. Will I disappoint my friends if I don’t have a Dirty 30, complete with matching tshirts? Cuz I’m pregnant and I don’t really wanna go out. I know its a big milestone, but I’m okay with just doing something small with those I love.

6. I’m going to be 30 years older than my kid. My mom was 24 years older than me. Am I still going to be young enough to be a cool mom and close to my kid? Probably, our generation is getting older and older because we are waiting to have children.

7. I share my birthday (February 27) with a lot of people I know. Which is cool, but sad because we can never celebrate each other’s birthdays. Unless we have a joint celebration, but everyone wants their own day!

8. I am still amazed at how far, technology, the internet and the existence of social media has come. Then I panic because our kid is going to grow up in this world. Not sure how I feel about this.

9. I notice that a lot of clothes that I pin for outfits to make with the clothes in my closet is all.. jeans, blazers and plain tees. I guess classic is my 30 year old style.

10. I will never be too old for TMNT.

Minion Cupcakes, Never Again


Let me preface this by saying, I love my niece. I love being the one that bakes her cupcakes every year for her birthday, even though I’m really not a fan of decorating cupcakes. Every year my sister picks an awesome theme and they go all out. This year, it was Despicable Me, and she had minion everything.

Ashley pinned a picture of a twinkie topped cupcake, and asked if I could do it. I say…yes. Thankfully I got help from my baking guru friend Diem. I could not have done it without her!


We made funfetti cupcakes topped with a blue buttercream. I ordered Wilton Candy Eyeballs which I used to decorate the twinkies. We used black gel icing for the details, and chocolate jimmies for the spiky hair.



It’s a pretty simple thing to do, but since we made 48 it was a long and tedious process. First we cut the twinkies in half, then with a little frosting, stick one or two eyes on them.


After that, I poked holes into the top of the twinkies (which are now hard by the way from sitting out of the package) and inserted chocolate jimmies for spiky hair.



Using a small tip and black piping gel, I outlined the eyes to make goggles and finish their face.


After that we frosted the cupcakes, and pressed the twinkies on top! I personally don’t like eating twinkies, but everyone seemed to enjoy them!

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