Tuesday 10: T.S. 1989

ERMERGERD. How excited were you for Taylor Swift’s new album to drop yesterday. I was super excited. My husband took me to Target to get the DLX edition last night while we were out visiting his nephew who was just born! (So much happening yesterday!

My 10 thoughts on the new album:

1. Super 80s vibe. I love it.

2. The change is good. She is embracing it, and it works.

3. A lyrical story teller. Is there anything she does that I don’t like?

4. I don’t know why I naiively thought they were going to be real polaroids with her handwriting. They are copies.

5. 1989 is barely the 80s. But I’ll take this.

6. When I thought Taylor Swift Pop Album, I was thinking the crap that’s on the radio now. Leave it to Tay Tay to make it POP IN THE BEST DECADE EVER. (Can you tell I’m an 80s fan?)

7. I didn’t know that she moved to New York until I listened to this album, and read her foreward.

8. There are lots of quoteable gems from this album.

9. Bad Blood keeps it real. I mean, damn Swifty, I didn’t know you had it in you. But I like it.

10. “Got a long list of ex lovers/They’ll tell you I’m insane/but i’ve got a blank space/ baby and I’ll write your name.” She’s crazy, and she owns it.

3 Years & Giveaway Winner

Man the blog has grown so much in the three years its been around. I’ve gone from random recaps of my week, to focusing on food, to both! In a hopefully more organized fashion. I’ve met a few great people along the way, as well as had lots of great opportunities because of this little guy. I’m super proud, and hope I can continue to write things worth reading about.

And now, for the winner of the cookbook!

Rose, who’s current favorite cookbook is Skinny Taste! Thanks for entering, I will contact you on how to receive your cookbook!



Follow Friday: Gena Roma Photography


I’m so excited to share with you some pictures from a recent project I did with Gena. She welcomed me into her studio, which happen to have a cute kitchen, and lots of natural light (her favorite lighting situation). I made butternut squash soup, and pumpkin creme brulee for the photoshoot.


Gena makes you feel very comfortable, and aside from a few set up shots that require timing, you hardly notice that shes there photographing you at all. Did I mention I love, LOVE her studio?


Love. Haha.


I decided to use these shots to update the site, since it is now 3 years old. What a good way to freshen something up with new photos?

Her work isn’t limited to the studio portraits. She can capture you cooking your favorite recipes for a cookbook or even go onsite and capture that special event. If you want portraits of your beloved canine companion, she’s got experience doing that! She does a Canine & Coffee event in Old Town Alexandria, as well as volunteer for the local animal shelter. If you want a more private session she also does PhoDOGraphy!

If you are looking to update your headshots, family portraits, your blog or even get special occasion work done, I definitely recommend Gena Roma Photography!



Calvert Rejuvenations


Located past some winding road through trees (just kidding it wasn’t that dramatic) my sis Ashley and Tu went to have a spa day. We got Herbology Retexturizing Body Treatment. Which is basically an herbal scrub. The outside looked like a small medical office building, but inside was a lavendar little fairy land.

We were moved to a nice oasis room, where we were given tea and forms to fill out while our therapists were getting ready. Each of us were ushered into our own rooms. Here you can pick out your own aromatherapy scent. I chose peppermint.

Most of my body scrubs have been done on vacation as a treat yourself, but this place is really nice, and did a great job, so I might get another one at the start of spring! She was very good, and I love that the crystallized herbs soak into your skin so you don’t have to shower off the scrub before the moisturizing massage. It was a much needed “treat yo self” place.

Calvert Rejuvenations

Tuesday 10: Middle School Memories

Via kardashianempire.tumblr.com

I was thinking about how I grew up the other day. Kids now a days have their own cell phones, tablets, personal computers. There is a lot of technology going on there. I wonder what would life would be like if I had all this at that age. So that of course made me flash back to my middle school days. And makes me want to see if you guys can relate/remember this stuff!

1. Do kids still write handwritten notes and fold them in cutesy shapes and pass them to each other in the hall/in each other’s locker? Or do you just text?

2. I remember waiting for dial up, and trying to sneak on at night and the LOUD noise it’d make.

3. My own phone line in my room with clear light up phone.

4. Xanga and LiveJournal…which isn’t very different from what I am doing now!

5. Pagers, and using pager codes, 823, 143 anyone?

6. AOL Instant Messenger was the old Google Chat

7. Walkmans, rewinding and fast forwarding to the song you wanted. The struggle.

8. Sanrio. There was more than just Hello Kitty.

9. Do kids still play M.A.S.H? No one wanted to live in a shack, but now I’m rethinking the simplicity of it all.

10. Are there still book fairs? Or do we just use Amazon now?


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