Tuesday 10: Biffles

BFF. BFFL. Best friends for ever, best friends for life. As we get older, these people are your adult family. At least mine are. And to celebrate this, I found BFF posts to make you want to call, text, google chat or email your best friend. Even though (like in my case) you probably already are talking to her and sending her the links. And even though, you probably don’t refer to each other as best friend, but something more than that. <3

1. Unspoken BFF Rules

2. 10 signs your bff knows you better than anyone else

3. What being a BFF means in your 30s

4. 10 Movies all BFFs should watch

5. Bestie Day BFF Check list

6. How to cope with a BFF Breakup – because sometimes, forever isn’t real

7. I wish Tina & Amy were my BFFs too

8. ABCs of BFF

9. 16 Signs you’ve found your BFF

10. Best Friend Texts Decoded


Best of Washington


I have a new favorite event. Its the Best of Washington, by Washingtonian magazine. The price per ticket is pricey. But well worth it. All you can eat from the best restaurants in DC? All you can drink? SWAG, photobooths, entertainment? Can I go every year? I was there working the event, but we took turns exploring. There are no more words to say, it was just magical. So here are pictures.




tqXX9oJvu5tcHOKk.jpgThis year’s theme was Alice in Wonderland. Drink the magic potion…and shrink. At least that is what they hope you will think when you get drunk enough. I was working with Chef Seng, promoting both her current restaurant and her upcoming restaurant. I had a wonderful evening with the girl power team of the newly nicknamed, BK GOLDEN GIRLS. Kinda like the Bond girls for her restaurant. HA! I can’t wait to go back next year, either with the restaurant or on my own will!


Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

sJD6nZm9j8M1T1rP.jpgI love fried chicken. And chicken wings. And donuts. But more so chicken, since I don’t like TOO many sweets. The other day I stopped in at Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. I never had the combination together, but I assumed it would be as delicious as chicken and waffles.


The place is super tiny. You basically just walk up. Order your doughnuts and chicken, they pull it out of this rack, hand it to you and you eat outside. Simple. Easy. Delicious.



The chicken came in this thick paper bag. And smelled wonderful. There were two options that day, the classic fried chicken and sriracha wings.


We got both. I really liked the fried chicken. It wasn’t very greasy, and it was crisp and full of flavor. I usually need something with my fried chicken, like ketchup or honey, but this was good on its own. The sriracha wings were yummy as well. It wasn’t saucy enough for the husband, who prefers my sriracha wings. But I thought it was still good. The wings aren’t cut, so the drummette and the flapper and still connected.


Creme brulee donut. I don’t like filled donuts. I’m not a fan of the surprise inside, but these were different. There was still a hole! The custard filling was still in the donut, and there was caramelized sugar on top. It really was like a creme brulee with the extra cushion of the donut. I did like it the best out of the donuts that we had that day, (Vanilla, and chocolate fudge was also on deck) but I could only have a couple of bites.



..and the also have a food truck!

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken
1308 G Street
NW Washington DC 20005

Tuesday 10: Mosquito Bites

~ Mosquito Revenge ~

UGH. This is my worst year for mosquito bites. I usually can get by with one or two a year, but I have so many now, I can’t count. Because I am itching like crazy, I dedicate this Tuesday 10 to mosquitoes and itch relief.

1. They aren’t really bites. Female mosquitoes are sucking our blood and her saliva releases an anticoagulant to keep our blood circulating. Our bodies are like WTF and send histamines to go fight it, making us itch.

2. My neighbor told me to make a paste with meat tenderizer and water. It worked for me.

3. You can also try baking soda and water.

4. When I was little my grand uncle broke off fresh aloe vera and put it on my bites.

5. A paste of cornflour and apple cider vinegar. I have never tried this, but I get desperate.

6. I read the lemon or lime juice can help. The citric acid does something. Probably would attract more bugs though? I don’t know.

7. I make the X on my bug bite. That helps sometimes.

8. Rub the inside of a banana peel on it.

9. A hot used tea bag, pressed against the bite

10. Tea Tree oil

And here’s more if you need it!

Cool Cow Comedy


We went to the old Lorton prison to see a comedy show. When the husband checked in to “Lorton Prison” on facebook, it caused quite a stir to those not familiar with what happened to the prison…It’s no longer functioning as a prison. Its an arts center now. Crazy right? Bmyd9Vg1ApozoQmF.jpg

It’s still got a prison feel to it. There are still some sections of windows with the glass all broken, yellowed and creepy. I kind of prefer it that way. Maybe because I am addicted to Orange is the New Black, and feel like I’m visiting them.rljk937FEkM1vM7N.jpg

We went to see Ryan Conner. Who I didn’t realize until he actually came out and told a joke about his mixed race family…that I knew once upon a time… and actually helped me move once. tqsmuJfyjEr95BbG.jpg

The interiors of the prison really has transformed to a nice art space. Not that I would know what the original interiors looked like…E06dDiXUDqYeWUHG.jpgOh look a bar in prison!

The show consisted of three comedians. The MC, who told a few jokes of his own. An awkward guy from Brooklyn. And the main event Ryan Conner. He was actually recording his CD there tonight, so there were microphones set up, and we were the laughs!

I thought this was a cool little event, and the production company that runs it, hosts a show every month, for a reasonable price. A nice little date night idea for the summer!

Check it out: Cool Cow Comedy


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