Sun Noodle Ramen Kits


RAMEN!!! I love ramen. Ever since I had my first taste at Toki Underground, I’ve been hooked. It changed my whole outlook. I should have known there was a non instant version that I was missing out on. But that was ALL I knew. My friend Lorri in NYC shipped me a bunch of ramen kits by Sun Noodle and I’m obsessed.

The kit comes with two individually wrapped servings of fresh noodles and a pack of tare that you dilute in hot water. The rest is up to you!


I can only eat cooked sprouts, but lucky me, these sprouts for the ramen are cooked. I made a sauce that was sesame oil, black pepper, soy sauce to taste.


Dropped in some sprouts into boiling hot water for a minute. Then drained.


Tossed it into the sauce and added some green onion and called it a day. This is probably something I made up, but it worked with the soup!

I went to the local asian market, and picked up slices of char siu and crispy pig. I blanched some chinese broccoli. I also cooked a can of bamboo shoots, stirred them in some chili oil, sesame oil, oyster sauce and soy sauce. I also sliced up a sheet of seaweed and boiled a couple of eggs (since I can’t eat them poached or soft boiled).


I also picked up a jar of pickled red ginger. And put the bowls together how I wanted it. ALMOST PROFESSIONAL RIGHT?


I used a tonkatsu broth for mine. OMG SO GOOD. MY FAVORITE.


He and my friend Anna both went for the spicy sesame. They both said it was one of the best ramen they’ve had. AND IT WAS INSTANT at HOME. Ok, I did fancy it up a bit with extra ingredients, but restaurant quality noodles and soup at home was just super amazing to me. I’ve got a couple of these in my freezer in case I wanna do another ramen night.

THANK YOU SO MUCH LORRI for introducing me to these. My life is changed again, by ramen.




Tuesday 10: SNOW!


As a kid, you love snow. Its like a magical thing from the sky. You can roll around in it, build with it. PLUS you get days off. As an adult, maybe not so much. Here’s are my 10 thoughts on snow.

1. It immediately makes traffic worse. People just don’t know what to do with themselves, it doesn’t make sense. (Also can be said with rain)

2. So glad I drive a Suburu. I love my STi. It’s got winter tires on (softer tread) and I feel very safe in it. Plus I don’t get stuck at all since its AWD.

3. Snow can be a beautiful, peaceful blanket on the world, if you can stay inside and watch it from the window.

4. Two hour delays mean nothing to me as an adult. All it means is that I have up to two hours to get to work without getting yelled at. I doesn’t mean a free 2 hours. I’d have to make up those hours if I decide to bullshit.

5. Watching my pup’s reaction to snow always warms my heart. He gets so excited!!

6. I stopped believing the weather man when he says its going to be a crazy blizzard. I think we are in this bubble of warm air that just makes it rain, or snow not stick.

7. Boots are my savior. I hate having wet feet. Luckily I have plenty (too many) of boots to wear during this slush.

8. This weather makes me want soup. Who am I kidding I always want soup.

9. I hate that in between time, where it’s not snowing yet, but the piles of snow just won’t melt fast enough but its warming up. I don’t like looking at piles of dirty snow, slowly leaking water and making mud.

10. Best Snow Cars Ever. My car is on here :D

Loco Moco


I’m not Hawaiian. But I wish I was. They live the good life. Even though it’s pretty expensive to live there, from my understanding you don’t need much. Sometimes I crave Hawaiian food, but can’t find anywhere around here to satiate my hunger, so I have to figure it out myself. There was a Hawaiian themed bar I tried out, they failed horribly. Never again. Any whoo. I found this recipe on Food Republic. I of course didn’t follow it to the T and ended up with a not so wet gravy, but it was good all the same.

Wash it down with some pog and you are good to go!

Tuesday 10: Things I learned from my Maman


You learn things from your mom, whether you notice it or not. Today is my Maman’s birthday, and I’d like to reflect on things I’ve learned from her. I believe this is what shaped me to be who I am today.

1. You can only depend on yourself 100%. She wasn’t saying this to make me think, eff the world. She was telling me that, you can’t depend on someone else for your basic needs. You have to provide for yourself, and not depend on someone else for your survival. So do what it takes to be self sufficient, and take care of yourself.

2. She never told me I was pretty. Growing up she never said things like, “you’re so cute” or “you’re so pretty” or really draw attention to my looks. If anything she went the opposite direction, and called me big ugly giant (that guards the temple gates). This isn’t as harsh as you might think. They were always said with endearment. Though she always made a comment if I had eye boogers, or my hair was a mess, because it’s always important to look presentable, and clean. She placed importance on being a good person, developing a personality and get people to like you for who you are not what you look like.

3. She pushed education. My mom wanted us to be successful. Which helps with item number 1 on this list. She made it very clear to me, that the only way to do that was to be educated. Read books. Go to school. Take classes. Learn. You can never grow if you don’t learn, or if you act like you know everything.

4. When it’s your time to go, you go. This is the hardest thing to accept. It sounds like you just lay down and not fight for your life, but she really means, you can’t be scared of the end. Live a life worth living. She was taken from us at 49 years old. FORTY-NINE. She will never play with her grandchildren, or see me or my brother get married. She lived a healthy life. No smoking, barely drank, exercised every day. Ate well. Drank plenty of water. Yet she was diagnosed at stage 4. WITH LUNG CANCER. Did I mention, she never smoked? If it’s your time to go. You go. She fought and stayed with us until SHE was ready to go. They told her she had three more weeks. She lived 3 more months. She wasn’t scared of dying. Our whole lives, she always told us (which is a little morbid I feel, but good intentions) how she wanted to go. Cremated. Ashes in ocean. And when the time came I knew what to do. Live a life worth living.

5. Your Children Come First. When my mom became a mother, that was her greatest accomplishment. We were her first priority. Not her job. Her job was us. No matter what, she taught me that when you have kids, you do everything and anything for the well being of your child. Not spoil them, but know that they depend on you for what they need as they grow.

6. Be Someone You Are Proud of. Do the things, that make you happy, and be proud of your accomplishments. Everything you do, consider, do you like yourself after doing this? Because that’s what matters. Love yourself before other people can love you. If you are genuinely happy, then find ways to help others be happy too. Be a friend that you would like to have.

7. Stay away from drama. My mom had her friends, and she had her fun, but she definitely steered away from people who had drama in their lives that they created. Yes it’s interesting, but you just don’t want to be caught up in other people’s business. And if you have a friend who isn’t looking to help themselves and really want to drag you down with them. Leave it. No use getting yourself worked up over someone else’s self imposed problems.

8.No one can hurt you, unless you let them. Not everyone is going to like you, accept it. As long as you like you, that’s all that matters. If people want to make up stories about you, or talk smack about you, let it roll. Because in the end, they don’t pay your bills, they don’t have an impact on who you are as a person. So why waste your feelings or sleep on someone who doesn’t matter. People not liking you is not the end of the world. You don’t like everyone, so don’t expect that. The only time you need to be worried about what someone says about you, is if it affects how you provide for yourself. But if that person isn’t paying your bills, BAI FELICIA!

9. Stand Up for yourself. Because no one else will. My mom was tiny, but a force to be reckoned with. If she disagreed with something, or felt injustice she would definitely let her opinions be heard, and did what she could to fix it. My mom would not let her family or friends be bullied.

10. To be happy with someone else, you have to be happy with yourself. Because of this, I spent a lot of time alone, figuring out who I was and enjoying the space, and quiet to do what I want. I was not dependent on the companionship of someone else to make me happy. And because of that, the relationships I have with people are purely based on me wanting to spend time with them, not needing to.

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