Life With Bawse: Spring Play date!

OZVnxYoFcb8CiAYR.jpgI know, I know it’s been such a long time since I had a Bawse update. He’s still a puppy in my eyes, but he is pretty much grown. There aren’t as many new developments. He does know how to bring his leash now to go outside, so in combination of ringing the bell and bringing the leash he gets to go outside faster (is he training us, or are we training him?).


The weather was awesome this weekend, and we couldn’t stay cooped up inside so we decided to take him for a long walk. We’ve decided that dog parks aren’t a good idea anymore (with all the pitbull hating going on) so a nice walk with a buddy is much better. Though we are still planning to check out Shirlington dog park when it gets warmer, so he can splash around!


We headed over to the W O&D trail with his buddy Isis, where they got to run, walk, play and love on each other.

Tuesday 10: Links

Links I’ve come across that I wanted to share. Some are old, some are new, and if you’ve already seen them before, sorry!

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8. Instagram Life is not REAL life

9. As if I needed another reason to like Lauren Conrad. Boss.

10. Spoiler Alert! Most Shocking and Memorable Character Deaths. I posted this here because I recently watched the end of Dexter and I wasn’t satisfied with how it ended!

A Cambodian Engagement


As you might know, a LOT of my friends are getting married around the same time. And my ride or die chick is one of them. After a surprise proposal in Cambodian, she had her traditional Cambodian engagement ceremony this past weekend, complete with lots of family working hard to put together the event.


It started off with preparations all week.





Then when the big day came, everyone had to get dolled up and things set up. There is a big march to the house, and the groom tells the family why he’s there.


It was pretty cute actually. The story goes, he was walking by the house, and he saw their beautiful daughter and wants to make her his wife. He brings gifts/bribes to get the family of the bride to say yes.


They come to an agreement, and the goods (aka the bride) gets brought out for “inspection”. Haha. Okay maybe I’m making it too casual, but this is how it played out in my mind.


BUT THERE’s a TWIST. The family of the bride decides that, no shes worth more than that. Their daughter is a wonderful magical princess and isn’t easily bought. SOOOO. The groom had to write a check. They finally were like, yeah, okay. We’ll let her go.




Then the engagement is official and we party all night long! And eat! Please note, that this was all in Cambodian, and I didn’t understand a lot of what was going on, so I pretty much made it up.


Lao culture is very similar, except we don’t have an engagement ceremony. You pretty much get married when proposed to!


Seeing this made me so happy. It’s real life. They’ve been together and known each other for more years than there are on my hands. I can’t wait til we all have babies and they can share the friendship that we have.

Ramblings: I love Cece


If you read my info, you might have read that this whole blogging thing started because of her. You see she’s my best friend, my cousin, my twin. She’s basically a French version of me. I tell her EVERYTHING. She’s like my human diary. She doesn’t judge me, and she pretty much gives me a place to get all my thoughts out. I love her.


We met before internet and emails. She was visiting America and our grandmother( great aunt really) was like, oh hey you guys are the same age, hang out this summer. And it was instant besties. We wrote letters every week. Sending each other drawings, and pictures and just writing about boys and whatever was cool at the time. Then emails happened. She continued to visit every few years, sometimes consecutively. Our friendship just bloomed even more.


When my mom was sick, she even came by FOR ONE day, just to be able to spend time with her, and that meant so much to me and my mom, she will never understand how much that touched us.


The last time I hung out with her was 2012. So long ago, but that was one of my best summers. She probably won’t be back here until 2015 (for my wedding). I love reminiscing about all the summers we spent together. I can’t believe we are still close after all these years. All my friends here know about her, and probably have met her at some point, and I love it! I guess I am just missing her super duper a lot, which is why I’m putting her out there on the internet. She will probably hate this, because she has a love/hate relationship with social media.


Tu me manques ma cousine jumelle!


Cool Stuff: Erasable Gel Inks

I know what you are thinking. “Miemo, you are late, these have been around forever.” Okay yes you are right, but check it. The only erasable pens I knew of was from back when I was in like 1st grade. And the ink was all light and kinda sucky. I just went back to pens or pencils.

I got these, another set of gel inks and MARKERS that were all erasable from a friend, who got it in Japan. I love these. They are so vivid in color, and erase SO well. The only time I work in pencil is when I am drawing, so having erasable pens makes life so much easier. And they come in great colors. I thought I would be out of luck when these ran out, but luckily my favorite pen supplier, has them!

*Disclaimer: I did not get paid by any of the businesses mentioned in this post. I just really love this product and wanted to share!

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