Sunday Sights: 29-35/366

Jan. 29. 2012: 29/366
My friend brought his hamster Alvin over, and Alvin bit my Theodore, so to help him heal faster, I gave him a little milk.

Jan. 30.2012: 30/366
Mmmmm. Doughnuts are so good. Fresh and hot every day from 530-11. YUM.

Jan. 31. 2012: 31/366
Suzy skis in the Pyrenees. And I painted my own nails. Its already peeled.
Feb. 1. 2012: 32/366
Changed the calendar and its my favorite character! Nightcrawler for my birth month.

Feb. 2. 2012: 33/366
I don’t brush my hair. This is the result.

Feb. 3. 2012: 34/366
…and I do.

Feb. 4. 2012: 35/366
Tired from girls night. Tattooed Barbie!

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