Rose Island, Bahamas


This is clearly just another excuse to show you pictures of paradise, and wish I was there. On our trip, we took a boat to a private island, to spend the day on an even MORE beautiful beach (could that even be possible?)


No one lives on this island, and it pretty much is a party island. You can snorkel, hang out on hammocks, or drink all day…or all of the above.



Sandy Toes, Rose Island, Bahamas


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Dune: Jean-Georges Restaurant


After our engagement, we had dinner at Dune Restaurant at The One & Only Ocean Club. The restaurant was beautiful. They had a koi fish pond leading up to the door, and 3 sides of the walls were glass. There was indoor and outdoor seating, but we opted for indoors because we were still warm from that crazy walk we had earlier.


We started off with bread, and infused olive oil. You got your choice of which infusion of oil you wanted.


I chose the prosciutto wrapped pork chop over a bed of glazed mushrooms. So simple yet so delicious. The meat stayed steaming until the end. The flavor combination was perfect, well seasoned and I just ate it as is. It’s a fairly large portion, and I was sad I couldn’t finish it!

fnhOXX9YxNze9Y77.jpg(His meal)

The service was great, like all the service on the islands. We were originally sat next to the window but a large crowd of drunk and rowdy patrons came into our section. The server offered to move us to another table in the other area. We did. We were put in a crowded center table, but as soon as the window freed up, they moved us there and said, “It’s only fair right?”. Since we were at the window originally. They were very thoughtful, friendly and attentive.


If you are on Paradise Island, and looking for a fabulous semi formal place to dine, I’d definitely suggest Dune.



Surprise! Bahamas.


Last year for my birthday, we went to Hawaii. I thought that couldn’t be topped. He did it big, and he did it better this year. And it was completely unexpected. In the weeks leading up to this trip, he mentioned that we were going to take a weekend getaway “south” about 3-4 hours away. Me thinking I am Sherlock, assumed that it would be a ROAD TRIP to North or South Carolina.

I was completely wrong.


Friday morning, we loaded up the car, and I thought I was headed to work, but no. I soon realized we were headed to the airport. Freaking out, because I am type A and need to be prepared for all situations, I exclaim that I am not packed for the airport. He says he’s got it covered, and when we parked, he pulls out a bag of small empty containers. Time to dump my full sized goodies into tiny bottles.


We walk into the terminal, and he hands me my passport. WAIT, WHAT. I’m not prepared to go out of the country!? We made it through security and sit down at our gate. I still have no idea where we are going. He hands me my boarding pass. WE ARE GOING TO THE BAHAMAS?!…I’m not packed for the Bahamas!!? I had jeans and sweaters in my luggage. Lucky me, he packed my flip flops, bathing suits and “summer” clothes.

It was a complete surprise, with much more in store. I was so happy to escape the snow!


The Little Pastry Chef

We made a quick trip to Princeton, New Jersey to support our team at First Class Fitment. As you already know, I had to get a taste of macarons while I was there. Found this place based off yelp. It isn’t known for their macarons, but there was limited information about macarons so I just took whatever I could get!

Super cute little shop with pictures of the baker’s adorable son everywhere. I am assuming he’s the little pastry chef. A display of cute tarts and mini treats looked appetizing but I was already full from lunch and saw that they had macarons.

I got the pistachio and lemon ones. They weren’t as pretty as I’m used to, and dare I say my pistachio macarons are better? The lemon ones were good though.

Based on the limited selection I would say don’t go out your way to get macarons in Princeton.



Chuck’s Cafe

In the limited time I was in Princeton, NJ I did get to have tasty wings at a hole in the wall place called Chuck’s Spring Street Cafe . Set in a cute little area, you walk in and it’s pretty straight forward. You can get wings, ribs, cheese steaks, pretty much anything you would find in a deli. We were told by locals this is the place to get wings, and it had great reviews on yelp.

I ordered wings and curly fries. It comes with celery and bleu cheese, I opted for ranch. You pay for your meal and the friendly Asian (maybe Korean?) lady rings you up and brings it to you later. She’s super friendly and I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere. So far everyone we encountered in Jersey is friendly. I didn’t know what to expect!

I don’t usually like plain old buffalo wings, but these were pretty good. It is the only option for wing flavors and that was fine by me. Also the curly fries were awwwwesome, perfectly crisp, hot and seasoned. I finished it off with a glass bottle of cream soda.

Good recommendation!


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