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Cookbook: Kua Mee


Yes. I know I missed a week of posts. What's going on?! Lots. I got a new car. I'm making progress on my cookbook. The puppy tore up my house again. Car shows, BBQs, Life. It just swirled up so fast. But that's okay. I'm here now.

So I did my first run of Kua Mee. It's pretty much just fried noodles, a little sweet, a little tangy, and a party staple. It was a lot easier than I thought, which makes sense if its going to be made in huge quantities for parties. After sending the recipe to my cousin Amzster to try it, she approved. This recipe will be in the cookbook. I just have to get a few more people to test it out!


What’s Cookin’?

It is pretty obvious that I like to cook..okay, maybe Love is a better word. It all started in the kitchen with my mom. And in honor of her memory, and I have been putting together a book of memories and recipes. They are all Lao comfort food to me and their flavors link to moments in the past. Those of you who are excited about me writing a cookbook, thank you! But its not the stuff you see me cooking on instagram. Those meals I find on the internet and try to cook because it looks good. And I will probably share with you here.

The recipes in the book are things I couldn't find on the internet. They are dishes that I've had to collect from aunts and other family, who basically just tell me the ingredients and I have to figure out and remember how my mom did it, and how she made it taste. There are personal moments, and pictures shared in here. I am doing this to have something that I can refer back to, to cook for my future children. I hope that maybe one day too, when they are older, can remember their times in the kitchen with me, and the stories I tell about their grandma, who they will never get a chance to meet.

So thank you for your wishes of luck! But please know that I'm not selling this book publicly. I am self publishing, and if you would like a copy (whenever I am done, which could be forever) please contact me and I will tell you how to get one! Thank you for your support!


Mom’s Style Banh Bao

So it’s crunch time. Well in my mind anyway. I set a deadline last year, for me to get my drafts done to edit by Thanksgiving, and ready for print by Christmas, and available for purchase after the new year. Considering how much I have done already…it’s pretty ambitious. But I gotta keep trucking.

 I finally made the list of foods that I wanted to share, in the chef stylings of my mother. And on that list was her banh bao. She called it Galapao, which is the Lao word for it. The white steamed bun was filled with a piece of Chinese sausage, a quartered piece of egg, and a pork filling.

 Since this was my first time EVER. I enlisted the help of Vitya, who’s helped her mom make it too, in case I needed a second opinion. She was super helpful in forming the dough and beautiful buns. I was struggling with the sticky dough. On the second go round, I used extra cake flour and it worked out just as well!

This first trial was to perfect the filling, so for the dough, I just used premixed packages that you can get from the global grocery store. Next time, I will make it from scratch. Wish me luck!


Artsy Sundays!

I am an art supply hoarder. I have so many paints, canvases, card stock, markers, stamps, pencils, neo colors, crayons, pastels, I could probably open up a tiny supply shop. But the sad thing is, I don’t make time for it. I really don’t. I found a new creative outlet through food, and my art supplies are gathering dust.

Well after having done the art class at Queen’s Ink, I revived my passion for art and decided to set out a block every Sunday to use my supplies and make art. Luckily I have some friends who need creative release too! So they are welcome to join me in cupcakes and art! This past weekend we had chocolate bacon cupcakes and Sabrina the Teenage Witch playing in the background. It was very relaxing, and everyone got a new painting out of it!


Finally. I did it. I redesigned the blog, and separated it from my design portfolio. I wanted to do this because I wanted Miemonster to be all things personal, and keep Miemomedia design related. I’m very excited, I would be even more so if it was a dot com, but that’s a whole other issue. I don’t know how I did it, in between being sick, making moves and work but I did and I am happy! Still gotta make some tweaks here and there but I’m hoping the face lift will encourage me to blog more. Lots of new exciting things on the way! Taking the time to read Smashing Mag’s post on designing with MAMP and local servers helped me build this in the background…while I packed up my apartment and watched Food Network.

And yes, that’s a crawfish boiling in a pot with lemon and corn on my header.


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