Meatless Pesto Pasta

Sometimes you have those really bad weekends. You know the ones where you eat ALL the bad things you could possibly eat. Baked goods, fried foods, fatty greasy goodness. Then you get started on a new week and you just feel TERRIBLE. No amount of green tea will make you feel like your system is cleansed.

When that happens all I want to do is eat veggies, because even meat is too heavy. Enter a quick weekday meal, shall I say weekday vegetarian meal? There’s still a little cheese in it, so its still heavy enough to make me feel full. That and the pasta itself!

To redeem myself, I made a quick pesto. Then I sauteed some baby bella mushrooms and asparagus. Then tossed it all in the sauce, topped it with cheese and a little black pepper. Served with a piece of Texas Toast garlic bread and called it a night.


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Doorstep Basil(Via flickr)

My friends who are health conscious, and physically fit like to have special dietary needs. One of them being the raw diet. Wanting to be supportive and anticipating a cooking challenge, I asked if I could help “cook” (I guess the word would be prepare since there’s no cooking in raw diet). She suggested a zucchini with pesto meal. WHEEE! Challenge accepted. I’m not going to tell you how to prepare raw diet pesto, which consists of NO cheese, but I just wanted to tell you about how I make my own pesto from scratch now. I used to make it from the package all the time, but fresh is actually much better and I like the texture!   Continue reading

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