Sunday Sights 8-14/366

I am in Los Angeles this weekend!!!

Jan. 8. 2012: 8/388
I had lemons I needed to get rid of, so I spent the day baking two kinds of up cupcakes, and visiting with family.

Jan. 9. 2012: 9/366
First snow of 2012. Unexpected on my part because well, I wasn’t expecting it. The flakes were soo fat! But, I’m glad it didn’t stick. Nope. Not a fan of snow.

 Jan. 10. 2012: 10/366
I had to work so late, that this is the only picture I could take. My car alone in the dark parking lot.

Jan. 11. 2012: 11/366
My eyesight got better, so I had to order another pair of glasses. Warby Parkers are my go to! I definitely recommend them.

Jan. 12. 2012: 12/366
In preparation for our trip, Steeeve came over to  make plans. And I made dinner. Korean short ribs (kalbi) for the first time. I also just made up the sauce…and it worked. Strawberry soda for the win!

Jan. 13. 2012: 13/366
As soon as we left the airport, and picked up our rental car… we had to do it right. Animal style ;) Definitely got sauce on my jeans…right away.

Jan. 14. 2012: 14/366
OH. MY. GOD. Chicken. Waffles. Heaven. If there weren’t so many more things that I wanted to eat while I was here, I’d ask to eat here everyday!!!

Sunday Sights 1-7/366

January 1st started on a sunday this year, and with 366 days in 2012 people are excited to start their daily projects… I’m not that ambitious. I seem to do well with my weekly food post, so I’ll go ahead and start the week with 7 day’s worth of pictures from the week before. Here we go!

Jan. 1. 2012 : 1/366
Bringing in the new year with my loves. I know you’ve already seen this picture, but it was the only one I have from the first. It means a lot though, and sums up the day.

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